Public Engagment

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Saturday 15th April, 7pm. 'The Psychology of Trust'. Robots After Dark - The Edinburgh Science Festival.

STV Scotland Tonight. 20th April, 2023.  Artificial Intelligence is transforming our world at a rapid rate. This has generated great excitement about the benefits that advanced technology can deliver for people and businesses.

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Thursday 14th April, 2022, 6pm (How Robots Will Help Us In The Future - Edinburgh Science ( : Robots as our servants, assistants, or companions?

Digital Humans: What technology reveals about our cognition, emotions and behaviour. Inaugural Lecture, Wednesday 30th June, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.

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RoboCation: is an EPSRC-funded public engagement project.

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Rajendran, G. (2018). Time’s up Mister Bond: why new ideas of identity mean the next 007 should be black, bisexual – or even a woman. The Conversation. Picked up  by The Herald, Daily Express; and Scottish Daily Mail, Wakefield Express (Web); Leamington Spa Courier (Web); Edinburgh Evening News (Web); Yorkshire Evening Post (Web); Bognor Regis Observer (Web); Sheffield Star (Web).

Demo. Scottish Government’s National autism conference, 28th March 2018, Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC).

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Social robot could help autistic adults find work. Reuters. Straitstimes, 28, December 2017.

Co-host for Engage in Edinburgh tech hour. 19:00, 7 December 2017.

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Peter McKenna and Thusha Rajendran to present: What can frog hopping tell us about your brain? on Thursday 10th April at 5.30pm at Summerhall, as part of the 2014 Edinburgh International Science Festival. (p.43)

Thusha Rajendran will be presenting his dangerous idea at the ‘Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas’ on Monday 14th April at 8pm at Summerhall  2014 Edinburgh International Science Festival. (p.50)

Thusha Rajendran will be a participant at Wellcome Trust Ideas Lab in partnership with Edinburgh International Film Festival 2015 and Beltane Public Engagement Network.

Paper on multitasking using a virtual environment was reported in The Scotsman. I gave an interview about this work on BBC Radio Scotland’s flagship news programme (Newsdrive) that day, 16 August 2011.