Research Grants

2020-2024 UKRI Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Node in Trust (EN-TRUST). Rajendran, G., Hastie, H., Cangelosi, A., & Demiris, Y. (£3million).  (EP/V026682/1)

2021-2023 Engineering Science Capital: co-creating resources to showcase diversity of engineering careers to 3-7 year olds and families EPSRC: Research Grant EP/T028742/1. Bridle, H., Davenport, C., & Rajendran. G. (£182k)

2019 Test Play – Developing and testing a new computer role play programme as a research, clinical and educational tool. EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account Award.  Rajendran, G. , Aylett, R., Fallon., T., Minnis, H., Stone, R. (£30280)

2016-2019 EPSRC A Robot Training Buddy for adults with ASD. Aylett, R., Vinciarelli, A., Foster, M-E., & Rajendran, G. (870k).EP/N034546/1

2016-19 Co-I Breaking Educational Barriers with Contextualised, Pervasive and Gameful Learning (BEACONING) H2020 Innovation action (5.9 million euros).

2016: Carnegie Trust. The Role of Embodied Cognition in Computing Education. Manches, A., Roberston, J., & Rajendran, G. (7k).

2008-11: ESRC / EPSRC Technology Enhanced Learning programme. ‘ECHOES II’. Lemon, O., Porayska-Pomsta, K., Good, J., Guldberg, K., Kay Bright, W., Pain, H., Rajendran, G., Smith, T., & Waller, A. (£1.2 million). RES-139-25-0395

2008-09: Research and Development Grant, the University of Strathclyde (£8k): ‘Investigating multitasking in adolescents with Asperger syndrome’

2005-06: Development Trust Research Fund, University of Edinburgh (£5k) ‘Investigating multi-tasking in Asperger syndrome using ICT’.

2003-04: ESRC Research Fellowship (£26k): ‘Computer-mediated communication in autism and Asperger syndrome.’ PTA-026-27-0139

Knowledge Exchange Grants

2007-08: ESRC Knowledge Transfer grant (£24k) to the University of Edinburgh’s Child and Youth Studies Network. 

2006-07: ESRC Knowledge Transfer grant (£25k) to the University of Edinburgh’s Child and Youth Studies Network.